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Hiroshima Onomatopaeia (Lizard Records 1978)

   Funky formations of the Space-Rock editions and more blending ingredients off Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Electronic and Soul beats reliable to have its own lust-romance compositions within the jealous versions of younger Tom Jones type thing or as one can check-out via the multiplications of the performers listed there inside the groovy album like Brunel Bunny (bass), keyboardist Bill Goyonne; piano/synthesizers – Goubet Michel, electric guitar by Torelli Bernard; drummer Andreis Marc and much lead vocals like Bonfils Tony, Ma Sayuki Sasao, Attali Patrick or as the semi Jazz-coustic grooves through the recording self-titled from Human Egg like Love Like This, I Got A Dream of My Own, Rainbows All Around, Feeling on My Mind, You Keep Me Warm My Lady react.

Feels like the making useful movements on the penetrating where a phallus tearing its way through the delicious membrane of the chalice/vessel gate and the chemistry or the sensations moans harder like a spontaneous illumination process before the copulating process turning to fertile progressions as the seeds may then turning onto living flesh …

Human Egg: