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Hill Whale (Amp Music Productions 2016)

   Singer-songwriter with his ability to play guitars or not because he never graduated from his Magdalen College to playing bass for several student bands leaving Oxford to focusing more on technology as a computer programmer whilst the works of himself not entirely, quite being released commercially – even for those latest releasing on his backing band The Melomaniacs trio consisting for Paul Silver on keyboards and Kim Murray on guitar; The Secret Of My Success would be awfully sounded like your lost tape of some failed James Bond ballad B-sides or something that Nick Cave would be so proud to wrote down.
Michael Marlin or Mike Marlin easily put the ink on his lyrics and music arrangements for it – commencing the entire unfamiliar cover artworks surveying thus tracks of melancholy themed like Revolution, Mother’s Eyes, Like a Photograph, Drowning; Never Walk to Caroline and The Check Out as being closely, depressed by the sounds but fortunately, brought the soft beats of the self-influenced love for much David Bowie-esque morphine footprints on artistic to share over the world’s ears. 

Not that classified after all …

The Secret Of My Success: