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High Fashion (Cooking Vinyl 2016)


Nobody would knows what D.A.R.K really stands for but the collaboration works of artistic musical between an abbreviation from Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries), Andy Rourke – former The Smiths’ bass player and the producer/songwriter from New York Ole Koretsky as everyone off these trio being well-known already for their sold out career achieving millions and countless fan-based to the experimenting projects with some other famous names.

Through Science Agrees that brings an Alternative Rock newer project for the three talents to go blending their main ideas and inspirations in writing lyrics really sounded tremendous to hear as thus tracks would gladly, not sticking in actual one way genre of music but might given back the old memories about how good they’re used to be within the rocking career history but this forwarding steps to them may seems to running in circle within these ten songs only if one day a struck of nerve news headlining the papers about the loss. Loving mostly, them all – Steal You Away, Chynamite, Curvy, Watch Out to The Moon or Underwater where Electronic Rock meets the soft Folk-Pop blazing between love, fear and romance that never grows old in your daily lives. 

Science Agrees: