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Hem Utopia (Relapse Records 2017)

   Sharpening the Doomster Metal influenced within thus atmospheric eerie feelings in the air-tinged noises probably, made the Shoegaze/Drone/Doom project of King Woman’s Kristina Esfandiari as the leading lady figure with her compatriots Colin Gallagher, Joey Raygoza or Peter Arensdorf  and a debut album Created in The Image of Suffering. Kristina’s voice of baritone low vocals really reminding the similarity between her and Johnnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde; remarkably – putting the essential Doomy Metal or Rock with its slower motions tempos and occult lyrics seems to be sounded deeply personal, melancholic power-play to borrowing distortions to any ears wanted for being freed from stupid music anymore but Extreme Doom Metal presence.

Deny, Shame, Hierophant or Worm are all choices in between the war of dragon and cranes inside the clouds. 

Created In The Image Of Suffering: