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Hajibadam Rave (Chompi Records 2016)

   And as Punk-Rock inventions and blending goods which not only have to be heard a loud but not closely, fixing as the sending messages must be aiming the spot off the mentioned genre-generations as the fits and the proper shall growing much further relentless, most creative and less-commercial but exactly – sketched solid just like what Punk-Rock and Rock N’ Roll always wanted to gave the enlightenment over the earth planetary citizens in order as the shields against the bad affects injected by thus commercial giant companies or incorporated stake-holders claiming the planet as themselves owned.
   The members of The Orions: David Miretski (guitars), Itai Alzaradel (guitar), “Mediterranean Buddha” Ezra (bass) and Guy Offenbach (drums) crunchy low-profiled and depressive Surf Rock N’ Roll group from Haifa Beach City, Israel knows how to play loud, smart and dealing with various of techniques on the releasing for Lightning Stroke Twice.
   Futuristic seminal tales fronted catchy-sediments of imaginative friendly realm of our environment must be tracking through Zvulun Stomp, Stella Maris Sunsets, Cruzcampo, Sardine Attack and Cobra/Banana onto Outer Space Gun Fight.

They’re striking the hearts to change the fake-ness into facts !

Lightning Stroke Twice: