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Gutter Of Pain (Medusa Records 1988)

The amazing independent and underground-based chromosome of the early Seattle sounds for a Cross-Over and Thrash Metal order of partying/anti-authority/angst youth and metallic inspired – SGM which carries their own distinctive rocking sounds like the one you might going to hear via the debut and the only releasing off them; a Washington’s rare legacy under the simple title that explaining all – Aggression. 
US troops of sarcastic artworks of chaos conditions domestically, with the five-piece compositions: bassist Captain Blackout, Pablo the drummer, guitarists duet of Kriss Quinn and Bitchard Louise and Mike Loser on vocals cranking out their hatred lyrics and twelve show-off tracks that will bashing up the big mess to your garage glue-sniffed gathering or alley-boozed day-dreaming or the time one of thus mad man on the loose getting inside your backseat car, raping your girlfriend and slashing your throat completely bloody just like the terror-squad messages over Power, Acid Rain, Fags of Denial, Mrs. Brown, Back in Circulation or Blow Job and She (the KISS cover) looks good for the cool album arts as well. 

Go cranking the volume loud, fuckers !