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Grumpy’s Bus (Plum Records 2017)

   Well, probably – within New Kind Of Normal must be a recording for Pop-Jangle Alternative Indie Rock music made pleasant by the beautiful and powerful credited trio from Philly (Pennsylvania) with the facts that the group – Cayetana which consisting of a trio: Kelly Olsen (drums, back-up vocals), Augusta Koch (guitars, lead vocals) and Allegra Anka (bass guitar, back-up vocals) are coming queer without any pretention to hiding it from public but besides that, their music sounded interesting and fun to catch right before one began to judging these girls for the sin or crimes that did not do to the world.
So, jumps off the bed and screaming loud – sisters !
   Nobody can actually, deserved the honorable before they’re admitting that they’re already thrown out the hatred and the fakeness from being conservatives to the youth musicians with open minds and let the track-listed songs preludes the melodic and harmony effects to guide you on the sing-along or happy mosh-pit active through the displays of Phonic Failed Me, Bus Ticket, Easy to Love, Mesa onto Am I Dead Yet ?, Side Sleepers and Certain for Miles; mesmerizing the innocent thoughts to be tougher to face the globe as the globally, warnings may just be another hoax just like human immune variable diseases. 

Hurrah for our queer girls !!!

New Kind Of Normal: