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Grumble Quick One (Diwphalanx 2014)

Meet the foursome Japanese rockers whose seems to liking to be inspired by The Ramones or Generation X which consisting of Shuhei Shimizu, Ku Yan, Hiroshi Hell and Gan playing their relentless force of faster Garage Trash Punk Rock sounds in more melodic ways and English lyrics too.
Nobody should or judge but yes, the explaining about why even after the funny spoken-words the music keeps displaying the best background of J-Rock atmosphere a little bit as well as some British Indie-Pop tones as the latest album for Gasoline entitled – Too Late means good business for Japan itself as being known to be a good breeding nest for Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal not long since they’re invented as Japanese loves to assimilated the western sounds to their own idealistic traditional rock sounds just like the examples on this new one. 
Thirteen songs and more bashing pogo-dancing, grabbing/tearing the shirts or jackets in the middle of the mosh-pit really seriously fun, fun, fun as Young Savage, Liqueur and Dope, (Fuck’in) Never Ending Road, Billy’s Weekend, Purple Vomit and Azuma Blues – all sounded cool and smashing as the lasted on Drunk or Die not sniffing the devil girl's rocking-hot underpants …

Too Late: