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Gross Emotional (Self-Released 2017)

   Honolulu’s local Punk-Rock Pop group available within their bursting common senses in activated the rest of grungy, distortions and more manageable owning pulsar of rebellion arts forsaken the ditch of mixtures and honest parade of cursing lyrics or positive plans among those whom already fall onto the global world’s trap to keep on struggling try with the good vocals from female guitarist Jhune Liwanag, drummer Joey Green, Will Adair the bass player and Caleb Hartsfield on guitars; which reserving this semi-interfered language barrier between captivate peace living and longer prosper from the grandsons of Dr. Spock-kinds of people. Singing the blasts on Sour Skittles, Falling Out of Love with You, We Are The Crystal Gems as well as Band-Aid. Helping us to knowing the rest of thus untold story about the carrying themes from Was  - the album recorded by Hawaii’s Pop-tunes singer and the band named Aura Bora. 

Unique and being not just participants.