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Grey Dawn (Black Verb Records 2017)

Due to Antagonist LP delivers in the vast massive and secret society among Cold Wave/Dark-Wave/Post-Punk base cultures through out the recent territory of Berlin to Munich before the world knows; Phillip Laufer and this five-piece consisted band members: Vinz, 7000, Schweissner and Leo dealing the experiments as well being supported by the haunting atmosphere of winter-age slow driven sounds for Shoegaze, Noise Psychedelic and power Electro-Rock that devastating to hear rather than good for the curing souls that wounded.

Revenge, eerie thoughts, bad ideas on making others whom deserved it suffers or the simplicity beats and the scary ones may protected the vanity of mankind against the entire globe when mother nature cares for more minority reports over the creatures being oppressed by the statistic of high populated and greed for taking almost everything as being sold-out, barter and conquers by the most perfect species of all – us. 

Semi-suicidal Bleib Modern’s colder music comes melancholically, sad, angry and noisy for an alternative for Pop-Synth products as replacing them within Mirror, Anxiety, Mindless and Oath desecrated the manual purity that providing money fell to be transformed into Antagonist matters of Self-Loathing and Sunless weather even when one didn’t believe about global warming as a warning !

Antagonist LP: