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Great Big Whale (Black Star Foundation 2009)

As the beauty creates by having thus Post-Rock breaking facts broken in brute sounds which change the whole parts of once Emo-Rock turned to Hardcore-Punk metallic or Metal-Core; Sweden’s group Jesaiah might probably throwing their delighted essential anger and pure characters dealing with the world globally without trying to destroy it but converts it by redemption. 
This Indie Metal middle class band exploding in their rich energy of the youth as raw beauty on how Extreme Heavy Music may struck down the listeners with fully conscious lyrics that positively bares the negative feelings deeper within a whole new perception available on the band’s intentions along the recording release of Et Tu, Hope. 
As humanity taking our natural Earth as a hostage today; only a few would by consciousness obeying to fight this acts of crime towards the one and only home that we got as your bursting hot riffs and metallic mayhem progressions comes within the wiser tracks which commanding you to learn smarter via We’re Almost Dead No More Time for Rational Thinking, Deflower Me, Fill Your hands with Chaos, Lame Prison Du Corps and Let’s Dance Under a Sky of Distortion as the screamo might not converts your mind or soul but perhaps, someone nearby whose having much faith than the ignorant heads. 

Et Tu, Hope: