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Got Round Dream (Bandcamp 2016)

   Music as originally written, performed and recorded by Pink Harvest crew as being mastered by David Briggs; exploring the empathetic of these romantic duet musicians Ronnie Frew (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards) and Reahan Martin (drums/percussion) putting their “spooky grooves” off Melbourne, Australia’s current Indie Shoegaze sounds exploring the shiftwilder of the 21st century psyche uplifting halves of discoveries within the releasing of Kind Of Pink like an endurance of whirlwind of coloring rainbow tornado magically, appearing across the dry-land desert area of the northern parts of the continent as the music beliefs on Horrible, Gargoyle, Born Again, Fishin’ For The Answers That You Seek and Another Picturesque Day as on Egypt; blowing the last finest Falling Leaves on The Wind but the sounds and the beats really seeking the expiration dates for an aim to Feed My Divine Derange as well yours and the rest of the audience.

Kind Of Pink: