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Go Name Say (Kill Rock Stars 2016)

   Newest Riotgirrl’s offering products whose literary could making your face turning black and blue while trying to have problems with the delicious independent and mature women crew of the group musical Summer Cannibals – playing their essential rebellious and favorable sounds of Alternative Punk Rock and Pop-Hardcore stomp-beats blasting hard and not easily can be either ignored or molested by any men. Formerly form their previous bands but featuring themselves out the step but crossing to a new direction as lead singer and guitarist babe – Jessica Bourdeaux, drummer Devin Shirley and bass player Jenny Logan soon enough already receiving their good critical from the media such of Entertainment Weekly for thus fuzzy Pop-Garage which is shaken off, not too damn difficult, sharper and tighter to listening by newbie or the reason for anyone to go down the street on a protesting for the true causes may have their opportunity on hearing this new band. Fantastic spotted level between the slower and the harder parts in mid-tempo of edgy Indie Rock as alternative to the dying infected sick Pop tunes.
These Portland, Oregon crashing the stereo and the college radio stations even tuned-in by thus Vogue executive CEO bitches for releasing Full Of It serving you the loud-frequent honesty via I Wanna Believe, Talk Over Me, The Lover, Make Up or Fallen – did a good reason of one or even two to continue or stop tasting the elegance wasted feelings as rebels or stop making Simple Life.

Full Of It: