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Gloved Pesticide (No Front Teeth 2017)

   Brandon Bodiford, Marco Palumbo and Shelby Miller of the band of punkers whose collectively, a trio calling themselves Stalin Video have neglected on going to lead their own steps toward the rebellion acts for meeting the chance of blending Glen Danzig and terror squad figures within these remains of fully-frontal explosive beats as a standard Hardcore-Punk meets seminal Grunge notoriety as the fierce sounds may reconsidered as the amazing bastard themes from Chosen Minority might tells us everything we didn't want to know but must be heard as the shouting for no more mercy towards the imbecile rich-heads and powerful criminals regime across the world must be fought, captured, kill or punished the hardest ways for keeping the poor increasing as the non-stoppable over population globe needs too much demands from natural resources, food supplies and even shelters but consumerism kept grown bigger; enslaving the planet.

   One needs to gathering minds to fight the demented demolishing new order of the world as the screaming and the fast beats blistering through 360 Degrees of Hate, Feces As Fragrance; Cement Rain to Exam Konditions, Forced Miseducation as well as Rubiks Kube and Human Buildings scattered by the Zyklon Umbrella or Chosen Minority led the uncertainty becoming our most sorrowful headline-news !

Chosen Minority: