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Geoform 187 (Lacerated Enemy 2016)

Meet the Baltimore, Maryland’s local native brothers of The Kumars – Sanil (guitars) and Sanjay (bass, guitars) forming their Brutla Death Metal faction upon the basic related facts and issues about technology, aliens and sci-fi as internationally or still national-wide existence of the band – Wormhole becomes spreading over the collaborations of Sanil and Sanjay Kumar with the completed crew members of their group as we got Duncan Bentley the vocalist and Matt Tillett the drum-busted filling up the spots as Wormhole taste complete with its Fort Elizabeth (South Africa) and Falkirk – UK as Callum Forrest joining the project album - Genesis for the combustion grinder vocals addition for Genesis to be released. Burtured in a Poisoned Womb, Symbiotic Corpse Possession as well as Gravity Manipulation Unit shall not just disturbing but crushing anything blocking its way as the full-length of the base metallic rampaging crew getting through your barricades and bring their malfunctioned Death Metal aspects to drilling your flesh-realm within the giant maggot monster hungry appetite.