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Genuine Asphalt (5FeetUnder 2014)

Copenhagen hometown-ed Melodic Hardcore Skate-Punk with the trio of Lasse Mikkelsen, Troels Bak and Leo Wallin clashing their full throttle adventurous fast-grinds o' Punk Rock that can easily makes you flavored within thus extreme sporty activity addictions as the whirlwind of valuable rocking atmosphere may believed to be causing positive thinking and thoughts as the news of storm coming but your soul playing this awesome Pop-tinged but not that commercial at all; Stars Burn Stripes releasing album of Songs About Escapism might giving us the moments where things aren’t all about fast cars, money to burn, jealous third world countries or curiosities among Alternative for the Punk-Pop awakening back just like where these Denmark boys did here.

Anthemic tracks of ten recording and being reveals via your favorite melodies and harmony vocals shouting and so on; Losing Blood to I Want The Truth, Challenge Accepted, Set Fire to What About Me Now ? and Go Read A Book – truly, sets the final conclusions that Punk-Rock isn’t just another stupid smudge music but talented and educable sort of messages send to all new young generations whose trying not to be dumb the rest of their lives but learning more and more – growing smarter.

Songs About Escapism: