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G-Unit Hood (Aftermath/Shady 2005)

Dealing with drugs and doing drug dealings meaning something for nothing or in reverse but for the black kid who grown up in a messy situations since his last 12 years for the crack epidemic around South Jamaica, Queens born as Curtis James Jackson III turning the tide of his life-career to a stage name found fits for him as 50 Cents. Never dreaming that he will be a multi-platinum success Rapper later, selling eleven million records copies after being discovered as a next new talent by “the white hope” Eminem and Dr. Dre the legend. Not because just one or two good albums but the originality in style of best of Hip-Hop/Rap-Music flow’ thang to wrote the lyrics straight from the terrible problem streets facing by himself everyday even the dealers, smashers, hoes and more tricky dangerous cannot stopping 50 Cents from becoming a famous one Rapper feeling his guilt and dreams like other minorities around the US urban community or suburban hoods exampling correctly, through this great recording release – The Massacre.

The mixture of slower thumped beats and honest lyrics talking about the daily situations happening around the man as he grows, doing his thang incompletely but keep going until they’re complete; being with bad guys, good wise, broke or crowning as king to the tests in lives from birth, lust, love or romance to the party and having too much time to get wasted on lo-cash, finest hoes or weeds as they’re ultimately – shown to public legally true through these Hip-Hop parade-beats: I’m Supposed to Die Tonight, Gatman and Robbin, Outta Control, Ryder Music, Gunz Come Out, My Toy Soldier onto Piggy Bank, Candy Shop or Position of Power – giving the audience a re-start for a new level of confessions around druggy problems, women’s pussy addiction and much loyalty for your gang-bang brothers even after some gunshots hitting you and almost taking your life out ! 

The Massacre: