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FUPM (Sorry State 2017)

Greater monsoon wave of stormy rains allowed how your ears would love to have the standard consistency produced by the lesser-known type of American Post-Punk that combines their likes for Minor Threat, Slayer and US Bombs reflecting through the quartet’s eager on making more energetic and powerful beats by the faster drumming, distorted choruses and more disturbing sounds – in a more helping ways representing the youth’s angst and social issues.

The Raleigh, NC’s group recording - Numb Life which consisted of Dan Reed Taylor, Jake Anthony, Jeffrey Bechtel and Troy Hancock really came angry as Essex Muro – the band given the essential seminal Hardcore sounds via Troy’s vocals, Dan Reed’s shredder or the rhythmic stations of drummer Jake Anthony while the album recorded and mastered by Kris Hilbert spawning most of those rioter-anthems like Napalm Collins, Crosswalk, 86 Street Meat, Time Bomb or ISS scattered the messages in hateful mongers by the Roach Garden. 

The junkyard shipwreck and dead cars land combined altogether onto one reptilian-related attempts to destroying earth population.

Numb Life: