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Funk Land (Feeble Minds 2011)

A lesser-known quartet off Buffalo, New York playing their Hardcore-Punk for the US seminal underground scene which non-popularly infamous as one of thus independent movement proof for you that the community is totally alive and kicking even if the governments decided not to trust the existence of guitarist Brandon Gaffney, vocalist Eduardo Privado, bassist Eric Bifaro and drummer Mike Distasio on forming the cretin unit for Brown Sugar releasing their explosive faster music beats to shake the wealthy environment created only for rich-people through Brown Sugar Sings of Birds and Racism that fucking rocks.

Let your ears being firing burnt by the taste of thus songs in rebellion themes about social issues and the struggles via Back To The Future, Brown Eyed Girl/Copper Helicopter, Back & White Panther Party onto Blow or Birds – as the old classic school bash meets the newer story from this millennium arts of broken society with plenty problems by using the enclosing track like I Wanna Be A Somali Pirate proving that our youngsters are easy to persuaded and changing sides …