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Friendshit Coward (Crucifux Records 2010)

They hate everyone alright and there’s nothing you can do except listening to the music, doing the pogo-dance and punching someone you dislike after midday as these Strasbourg, France’s Hardcore-Punk band (Life is a) Dead End bursting their lyrics of hatred towards those protesting themes for the life itself, the freaking society and the damned rules that binding us from being too creative to making something new – especially the one that being contradicted to their normal customs. The blending of straight edgy riffs and Power-Punk with essential Hardcore-Pop sense to the whatever Rock N’ Roll would bring forward as a re-surfacing pollutions to the Pop culture society right from down under the stinky dirty and forbidden non-commercial underground dungeon of Rock Music. Meet Clausterfucktabulous! 
As the fortune-telling images sensibility seeing as the visions off this telepathic gifted female form to you fuckers to realizing about the issues out there cranking via the tracks of fury like these What We Are, Blah Blah, On Drugs or many more difficult word of title like Thanatophobia or the short duration taste as usual Hardcore-Punk magic through Freaky Heaven led still by original vocalist Wattie Delai. 

Taste your ultimate Nervous Breakdown and Wait & See …