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Flutular Back (Sports Day Records 2016)

Weird-sphere but longing for your attention as the young band spoken through their Pop-tinged and Indie Rock music related as Anita Agathangelou playing behind her drum-kit also keyboards as well as Sam Pannifex plays guitars for all tracks and Jess Zanoni going front to singing her heart out; leading the group towards her strange voice haunting but on the same time – spoiled and cute to listen while performing bass guitar and for you whom didn’t know about them yet, Arbes trio is your bedroom’s Dream-Pop Indie Wave and Alternative Pop from Melbourne – Australia and the Lo-Fi tempos commencing a sticky environments like artificial magnets enduring to supports the rehearsal and the recording to the way for the music market distributes as well advice about not wasting energy over something unimportant.
But Arbes’ recording - Psalm reflecting our newer moon and the sun reborn phases within the calculating begins for these new year’s day as the ethereal female voices embarks the envy or the lust kept within the lyrics from No Home To know, Fortunes or Sintra.