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Feigning Familiarity (Flenser Records 2016)

For the fanatic fans of old school methods in Industrial Music original as the brutal and the chaos aspects suits the deranged beats and screaming vocals that being inspired by the more extremities on Heavy Metal grudge mixed with the socio-communist party interpretations or thus labor workers society pressures led the project named Street Sects – plundering the stereo-phonics of he blending for Noise Rock, Hardcore-Punk and Industrial Metal as the duet craze-heads from Austin, Texas: Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth raising their love for more blackest Electronic and Death Metal interference through the only album so far being recorded on End Position.
Best raw and clever moves around the system failures or deafening moments louder ablaze being splattering everywhere of direction from the speakers of doomed music for the insane deranged community only via Featherweight Hate, In Defense of Resentment, Copper in The Slots; And I Grew Into Ribbons as well as If This is What Passes For Living related to the bad dreamt for being killed between the grim-reaper and a stranger next door - like a creation of a vortex sucking all meaningless means of the living and vomits them onto another extreme fully threats dimension unknown.

End Position: