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Fast & Raw (Independent 2017)

Blasphemy, evil Satan and firing hell of Black/Thrash Metal mayhem sounds producing by these Mexicanos – Old Crucifix of San Luis Potosi quartet Phantom (bass), Wolves (guitar, vocals), Crossfire (guitars) and Desecrator (bass, drums) on releasing their debut full length album after several try-out over either extended play to demos worshiping the dark lord; now meet your doom-recording in Demon’s Curse.

The eleven track-listing oversight in no sensation but heavily truthful to guarding their own prevailed of incarnations on everything’s demonic as the title said through Black Winds of Death, Howling Sacrifice, Unholy Fire Attack, Obsessed By The Flames or Triumph of Evil and Sabbat cover of Charisma. 

Loud and melodic slicing solos to the blasting drum-bashing may completely closing your gate to head-banger and horns-up signing to forever – as the devil comes down to re-appearing the false prophecy as well killing thousands with white lies by Black Metal music !

Demon's Curse: