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Et P8 Koi (New Bell Music 2015)

Born of Younde, Cameroon and grown up as an artist, sound engineering and producer with multi-layered blending of origin beats of traditional-based and samplings to contemporary Hip-Hop, Trap sounds and Rn’B or Electronics genres in Cameroonian lyrics, rhythms and musical harmonies as well as some French, English or anything from through-out the neighboring regions of African sub-cultures mixed here inside Mboko God by Jovi.

From the unknown impressive to the semi-modern beats which labeled as parental advisory here by the likes of Nyongo Money (feat. Abracadabra), B.A.S.T.A.R.D (feat. Reniss), Comme Moundi (feat. Shey) onto Top Level or CASH truly carries most of the introspective artifacts of Younde's cultural point of views as well as the branding of the next steps for traditional African Hip-Hop to the world’s ears. 

Mboko God: