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Equator Icing (Not On Label 2017)

Consisting of the best rocking formation of them: Joe Thebeau (vocals, guitar), Steve Scariano (bass guitar), Patrick Hawley (drums, percussion), Matt Meyer (guitars, backing vocals, violin and other hyper-terrestrial instruments) as well as Toby Weiss (backing vocals) and Steven Lord (piano) filling thus immunity of profound privileges on the Indie Rock firmaments with a little bit sticky kicks roots taken or being mixed by the edgy Southern Rock to Folk-Pop and weird Alternative noises provided in this provision recording by Finn’s Motel on Jupiter Rex – the album.

Jangly in forty percents to the rest rocking and only some one percent left for serious musical performance but in a heavy higher techniques possible as the Garage Rock taking over the conscious of the audiences within the freaking awesome tracks like Jacket (Hangin’ Around), Drinking Wine At Beer Speed, Grounded, Awake Alive Alone, Wings Are Not Made of Angels onto behind These Mountains There Are More Mountains – clearly, captures the vastness for the promotions really dig the right hole; attracting most people interest as the main gala dinner night in St. Louis - Missouri.

Jupiter Rex: