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Ephemerality Flesh (Séance Records 2017)

   Anti religious and worshipers of death and chaos – these Canadian of British Columbia or Vancouver based group of quartet foursome in Black Metal litanies are Hypnocrotizer (bass), Hanephi (guitars), Luzifaust (growler-vocals) and Mesmorphion (drums) calling themselves – Kafirun which means barbaric infidels in Arabic. 
As the opening sky turns pale, the giant hole black as void spitting fires and plagues while also vacuums the innocent souls and killing millions as the prophecy in Eschaton album’s coming back again by these seven tracks of sinful themes like Omega Serpent that talks about the old snake deceiving the world in falsely good as the big pictures should be considered next to Divine Providence or Omnipresence. 
As the twin serpents marking the symbolic of old ancient shining your sun as the world to see; the endings begun where there are too many people turning to embrace the unlawful personal-envy and consuming others beneath their powers. 

Great job for the progressions and the rest of manic tempos, riff-ages and the non-simple explanation about your sinful journey themes.