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Elastic Heart (Monkey Puzzle/RCA 2014)

   Mezzo-soprano vocals ranged and 3 octaves to a semitone gift talents for this Adelaide, Australian female singer named Sia Kate Isobelle Furler later would making her career infamous in time the world needs the weird-artists again but not like the Gaga lady; Sia (as she might being worldwide known by public) since the her single went gold to platinum or nominated for more music awards and everybody’s sang it everywhere – on the subway, the cafĂ©, the beach-side to the funeral – perhaps. Leaving her usual Acid Jazz contributions to the more strange-tinged closing the border of her hidden face under those eccentric style of hair to releasing the next invading albums in 1000 Forms Of Fear; showing the globe that the once getting bullied victims now got their revenge on the perfect world and Sia approved her existence through the amazing first single blocking most of the air-time radios and charts internationally with Chandelier as being followed by other tracks of beauties like Hostage, Burn The Pages, Straight For The Knife, Fair Game onto Dressed In Black and Fire Meet Gasoline. Even when you never seeing her in close appearance or knew that it’s her writing the songs; you can’t deny things related to her and her big talents to popping the tops of the world in her Indie-Pop, Electro-ballad and Trap music combined.

1000 Forms Of Fear: