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Ein Auslander (Infectious Records 1994)

   Long time ago before the dear British good music scene being oversized destroying by most of thus vast boy-bands generation; the Alternative Rock mixing plus with strange attitudes and more weirder beats like the English-town locals youth praising the idealistic pleasure through a line-up of a Electro-Rock band that one day stuck in the name of Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI). Guitarist/singer Clint Mansell, bassist Richard March, drummer Graham Crabb (soon also turning to microphone); keyboardist/guitarist Adam Mole and Fuzz Townsend added to the drummer by replacing the group’s drum-machine named Dr. Nightmare … Freaking funny story wasn’t it ?
   The textures of thus mixer clash between Psychedelic and Pop tunes sooner makes them infamous by recognition for public with several good albums but pointed to the sixth ones; which must be the band’s excellent works of eating their own pop-origins through Dos Dedos Mis Amigos. 
   Techno to Hip-Hop to Industrial and for that these tracks being written and born to joining the revolutions of Indie Rock music worldwide just like Fatman, Familus Horriblus, Kick TO Kill, R.S.V.P, Cape Connection and Menofearthereaper – come to the odd parts where one need stuff like these to end the misery of bad music listening !

Dos Dedos Mis Amigos: