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Echoes Of Spring (Self-Released 2016)

   For those whom craving more of tons on Chanson Francophone in Dixieland Jazzy Blues and Swing tunes – the Montreal group called themselves Les Royal Pickles aren’t selling vegetables or healthy food menus but music composed and track-listed songs to pick-up within the good EP album entitled Vendredi 13 as these Quebec’s group of musicians: Melisande Archambault (violon, washboard, vocals), Alex Bouchard (trombone, vocals), Marc Andre Jeaurond (trompette, vocals), Christian Leclerc (tuba), Jeff Moseley (electric guitar) and Aurelien Tomasi (clarinet, soprano/tenor saxophone) pleasing very on given their vary of ensemble musical over these six traditional Folkish and Country-based sounds for you to lovely, listening to them.  
The extended standard but interesting originality for There’ll Be Some Changes Made, Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho, Shreveport Stomp all the way onto Jitterbug Waltz may asking your feet to moving along or dance silly as the lyrics told the audience about the new beginning story on this year life as the past lessons learned pretty well and serving for inspirations.

Vendredi 13: