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Dorsia Eat (60 Cycle Hum 2009)

Like the ultimate hence-man did his job tremendously well-done over thus mastering of virtuoso six-strings lord of destructive as progressive Rock and more metallic-tinged assaults are ready to explodes within John 5 (John Lowery) works for his entire career. Providing his excellent and high-precision of plays within electric guitars for names like David Lee Roth and Antichrist Superstar’s Marilyn Manson but as his own-self force terror; Mr. John 5 can simply go out in his style blending for Alternative Rock, Industrial metal or Heavy sounds to beating the obstacles and the critics just like the examples taken from the man’s fifth recording releases on Remixplotation. 

The moving journey of sonic electric strings virtuoso for solos and instrumentals or samples intriguing the main characters and themed while the cover may reminding us about the scarier sexy version of Jimi Hendrix artworks and those sexual imagination for nude girls display via Monsters and Gods, Say Goodnight to Your Soul, Sin, Unbelievers, Shoot The Dog or 2 Bullets and How Do You Like It ? that might questioning the results after the finest hour of listening to his own devilish requiem vertigo for insanity. 

Not fake like Plastic – this is the reality cosmic rocks !