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Doldrums (Bandcamp 2011)

   Cannibalism themed of those kidnapping victims from the neighboring village as the sophomore on Country-Folk traditions may not trouble-some for causing bloodbath and extinction for mankind just like the portrait taken as the front cover on the recording of Donkey Deep; as the slaves being cooked in a hot boiling water inside the big cauldron while the guards looks very hungry but thankfully, Thrashing Marlin crew – the band of Folkish Pop formed out of Wellington, New Zealand might be just showing their silly jokes for completing their slow-motion harmonic musical project.
   The duo consisted of Steve Roche and David Donaldson dragging their Alternative Folk sounds over the thirteen tracks written and arranged by them here; from the opening like Time Of Your Life and Tangiwai Train onto Another Man’s Grave, A Rock to The South, Devil’s Gate and Lust and Found onto Where to From Here ?, Haywire or One More Time. Recorded like this would be the first and the last recording ever surfaced on the group’s catalog for a very long time since.

The truth for the fourth albums from Thrashing Marlin is they’re just beginning to expose themselves not to be sounded too darn commercial within the might.

Donkey Deep: