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Dois Tres Unlocked (Independent 2017)

Pledging herself to embarks the universally parts of point on being human; clinging emotions, influences from the motivated names like Trevor Hall to Lady Lamb as well as thus strange feelings like a warm weather captured inside the stomach filled with butterflies as loving romance took over the guts of born and raised female intuitions as the tropical-tinged of Sao Paulo – Brazil and provoking lyrics retreat as the facts introduced back to the global world via the music recording by this Bridgeport, CT did the empowered techniques on redeeming the Folkish-Pop and Indie Rock salute over thus songs written carefully along the blizzards or balm; hoping that mother nature would stop being angry to us as Trancendere out for five minutes and forty seconds or Seed of Healing given to the world only for a short tempts in two minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

Lying there covered herself in orange-flavored flowers and wouldn’t feeling the same way again – as the positive reach-out instruments of sounds performs by Virginia Semerghini (vocals, bass, electric guitars), Matt Dallow (accordion), marimba by Noelle Villette, Doug Fitch on percussion, Emily Hope Prince (cello) or Robert “Bobby” Pickett (violin) - somehow lending a hand for others to help another without seeing race colors or faith that attached on That Virginia’s Record Labor …

Record Labor: