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Dogs Kitchen (Varese Sarabande 2004)


   Paul W.S Anderson caught the good works again for the second parts of the science fiction Horror action movie from the same game video in Resident Evil: Apocalypse as the main role of the Umbrella Corporation experimented heroine’s Alice commitments to going back as command to saving Angela Ashford (umbrella researcher daughter) as the deal to curing Alice is due the success of that operation as the infection spreading on the overrun Racoon City by the zombie horde may seems to make the plan impossible.
With the help of a beautiful S.T.A.R officer Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira one of the umbrella soldiers must fighting against not only the zombie attacks and bites as well as the closing bridge border sealed from a way out of Racoon City; a test for somekind of mixture of man and monster by the hideous creature called Nemesis also spreading another danger to everyone. 
   Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory plays their role of thus brave stronger and smart characters whom can defending themselves from terrors and immediate threats around them as the soundtrack scoring music really fits the scenery as scary and frightening by suspends as you never imagining before. 
Composer musical Jeff Danna’s works on Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Original Motion Picture Score) relentlessly, alerting the audiences via Cain’s Demise, Ashford’s Plan onto Panic At The Gate or Umbrella is Watching right away infected by The Crash Site or The Nemesis is Awakened or Zombies in Church and The Last Transport – came in through those instrumentals of Modern Classical meets Electronic scoring of Stage & Screen musical. 
   As the tower feasting of zombies on the umbrella troops as the death of Nemeis being certain to the escaping crew of survivors reveals that Alice is coming back alive as a clone and the story continues …