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Dionysius (Not On Label 2015)

Riot-grrrrl feminist energy to bursts out blending the bends of Glam Punk, 90’s inspired female fronted and Boston-based independent movements with Cat Verlicco (bass guitar, vocals), Gretchen Shae (guitar, vocals) and Justin Fyfe (drums) as these Massachusetts group – The Knock Ups releasing their e.p recording with the self-titled and the freaking Garage Punk riot rocks may hard hearing from your speakers as the same energy blasting the man’s environments with girl-power music. Wear My Love, Busted (Live on WMFQ), Shut Up (and Put Your Dress On) to 1969 must be the back-drafting ideas for the modern day girls to be mature not losing the fun of life but taking care of their independence on singing, playing in the bands to telling the world about their personal feelings by being responsible and smart – won’t leads the women to hell, right ?!

The Knock Ups: