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Dim Timothy (Self-Released 2013)

   Not truly like the heroes of Po-Rock from the nineties but closer to the resemblance in between Bryan Adams on his higher semi-techno rocky moments meet the old version of the new millennium style of Bruce Springsteen classroom sounds which collectively put on the noisy barks from the mini-recording of Zapgun! With Bryan Dunn on vocals/guitars, Chris Cubeta the guitarist/keyboardst; Chris Morrissey (bass), Zach Jones (drums), Ryan Vaughn (drums) and Elliot Jocobson (drums) mixing their good listenable and sing-a-long tracks of the few such as She’s So Happy Now, Get by and Wake Again.

Find this Mr. Bryan Dunn record and crank it loud for the outskirt driving soundtrack with your other collectible harmonies collections, pals !