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Die Crooks War (Bridge Nine 2017)

Fronted by either Ricky Singh or Reggie McCafferty – this New Yorker’s HC group formed in Long Island with the formation of James, Ricky, Chris, Danny and Steve gaining their local community shows and stages by performance as the underground independent society and music scene of the East-Coast may live forever stronger than ever even after the closing of CBGB’s the legendary spot for rebellion activity on the big apple or the more globally, devastation of thus September eleven terror acts; will shall never weakening the strength of the brotherhood for a band like Backtrack. Bad To my World would be their latest releasing since then …
Still craving the mosh-pit of the New _School beats that standard but dangerous enough to broke your bones while slamming into the danger center of the real freedom vortex in front of the stage. Blast your fucking ears and amplifiers while playing the track per track over this album from Backtrack and being Bad To My World didn’t just about screaming out on One With You, The Deep is Calling, Cold-Blooded or Never Ending-Web which touching some of the participated of a new millennium influences affected the young to be a new addicts whose easily be controlled by the authority of the globe. 

No More – No Way !

Bad To My World: