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Dictation Nod (Brutal Music 2014)

Not an actual modern-day soundtrack for Sherlock and his complicated thrilling cases theory gone viral in Hip-Hop/Gangsta Rap music format but smartly true that – Stu Bangas (Stuart Hudgins) and Blacastan (Ira Osu) of Hartford, CT has given the taste of their quality methods of deranged beats in horror-based on creating this Watson & Holmes recording not just being mysterious but added some of Agatha Christie’s touches upon it; chilling the audience up by the mystic and eerie backgrounds.

May the lovers of Edgar Allen Poe also would love to have these inspired of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works of ideas along the seminal pure Hip-Hop meets Alternative Rap meets Scary-Gangsta for the flowing lyrics tunes like Disguise, Nubian Metal (feat. Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled), Sensationalism, Authentic (featuring Esoteric and Planetary), The Road (featuring Block McCloud) or Monopoly. 

Letting yourself pressing play button on this album would not be a mistake at all; the beats are heavily good for banging and the rest must be either making you overwhelmingly militant or just lying down having fun !

Watson & Holmes: