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Deaf The Temple (Indiciplinarian 2017)

   And the quartet of hard-shell communion upon the Melodic Black Metal scene with Theis (guitars, vocals), Simon guitars, vocals), Adam (drums) and Troels (bass) quite did their epic rituals of music performance as candles gathered and burnt with incense of summoning deaths, cheating on the non-religious parts as promoting the real meaning of their band as Orm which is serpent; the horrific band logo or the kinds of Copenhagen – Denmark trademark threat to the worldwide metallic music comes the releasing for this self-titled.
   Long boneless and flesh-eating of Scandinavian beast portraying the destruction of human last stand city or castle by the cursing fire from the sky or the attacks of the fierce creatures bringer of death over thus Progressive Metal tasks blended to Dark Extreme Metal sounds for the longer duration and painful torturing session format among Apotheosis for ten minutes and four seconds or Ancient Echoes (06:55) to Blood Of Your Blood lasted for seven minutes, eighteen seconds with the bonus track by almost eight minutes and twenty-two seconds top. 

Devastating in fast killer to the slower animosity pleasing bang the heads of the coward mortals to obey the gods …