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Darkening Tell (Sarathan Records 2009)

Nashville, TN always being finest for producing more and more Pop-Rock artists such as them whose closer related to kinds of Christian-based type music or such as more trying to escape from being tangled there and finding the way for becoming themselves just like how Peter Bradley Adams collecting his own materials as written, arranged and composing onto the taste facts for Folk/Country/World/Pop Alternative sounds performing here through the second full length Traces album. One will feeling so close to the peaceful feelings of the rural area; pro green-environments as well as pouching for harmonies and melody combinations with a golden voice and the lyrics that down to earth perfectly, popular and low-profiled.

Go grab the copy and listen carefully to the beauty over I Cannot Settle Down, From The Sky, Something ‘Bout You Lately, Walk Away and Awaken shall be explored by this humble man honestly.