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Cypher Supreme (Independent 2016)

Present-day of your brand next steps of the underground extremity of Progressive and Technical Death Metal troops from Zurich (Switzerland) this time by the name of simple strange Virvum where the members metallic crew: vocalist Bryan Berger, guitarist Nic Gruhn, drummer Diego Morenzoni and guitarist Toby Koelman as the natural blooms of springs beyond comparable comprehends turning differently, perception by concepts best to destroy the lame ears or entertaining the Heavy Metal lovers longing for a good perspective music by sounds which serving growlers as well as high techniques made out of middle west of Europe like these metal-heads.

In Illuminance (album) the increasing of lights coming down from above enlightening the sacred tree of wisdom to be fulfilled once again with power-force and spreading magic by blasts via AD Rigorem, Tentacles of The Sun, Elemental Shift or I; A new Journey Awaits. 

Charges you as a fully length recording of Death Metal show-case works !