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Cyclone 101 (Bandcamp 2014)

If you loves The Jayhawks then you will love Hearse for being the voices from J McLaughlin and Grayson Walker’s impressive Indie Folk and Country-Pop bargains towards the similarity likes of making music on a small town that has every disadvantages but needs to be done by time just like these Victoria, British Columbia group - Hearse as being helped by some good local musicians as their additional members such as drummer Joel Fernandes, bassist Dennis Siemens and Carolyn Mark for harms and carrot that simply led the semi-acoustic melodies of six strings as well as crispy vocals duet trying to share those rural stories and Folklore sounds to the bigger audiences via the releasing record entitled Pot Calling Kettle which seems reluctantly mellow as it would filled with raging feelings about the loss on living to the deeper range of peaceful finding acclaims to be not easy but also possible just like an everyday blessing counts each and every minutes by you and them.

As the clear blue sky still marking bluish color and the chirping of birds heard; tracks like Fireworks, No Cowboy, Jimmy and Posterboy may sounding reasonable to be loved.

Pot Calling Kettle: