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Corona Vivid (Zion 604 2016)

Goa blitz or Psy-Trance attacks made by Ofer Divosky as his project of Israelites’ known to the online channels and stations as Oforia as ou wished that you finding it before but it’s allright to be late a bit cause the music won’t stopping us from body moving in the raging beats of instrumental sounds and original to the non-stop factions themed recorded for Read More (the album). 

Fully loaded with estranged twists and formulas to force the innocents to dance harder as the floor and the balcony would be shaken just like those ass-pounded of many girls in masterpiece and boys following them like moths to the light bulb; DJ Oforia knows what is the best way to goes viral or live performance ability as the tuned low down specials might colliding within thus high-toned feedback blistering sounds of the mighty progressive Psy-Trance/Rave and Electro in one display over the disc and let your hearing sense blown out like the speakers club as well while the evening went slow and longer and the portraying crowds of the having fun and happy hours won’t be counting as a waste of time this week. 

Leave the boredom to faded while sweats dripping and kisses sharing via Locos, Oasis, Re:Transmission and Mad DMA.

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