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Cop Suicide (Lacerated Enemy 2008)

   Washington D.C or Long Island – NY active Death Metal/Grincore unit in their making sense of related themes writing about gore, tortures, politics, society and crime as the name baptizing onto themselves is Criminal Element because everyone should knows that human had these good and evil cells of chromosome inside their DNA being carried since birth-time as Dying Fetus ex-members turning to another project solidify as this team consisted of Maliq Emanuel (guitars), Derek Boyer (bass), Terrance Hobbs (guitars) and Vince Matthews (vocals) adjusting their seminal beliefs on how the prisons always fueled with many evil persons and unlucky ones charged for various illegal activities and breaking the rules of enforcement-made to obey by global citizen spawning the jailer-time experiences through Guilty As Charged (Bonus) as these Old-School Death Metal and Slamming-thru Technical on high-speed metallic pedals bashing hard as the victimized victim screaming out while being either stab, sliced, raped or cut-open or decapitated as mutilation might be not the real aim here but the sentence has been dropped to the guilty ones only to inducing more violent minds hidden under the wiser good-looks of an ex-cone putting back to vulnerable society.

Beware of Unjust Incarceration, Bloody Money, Future Felon, Shots Fired onto Habitual Offender !

Guilty As Charged: