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Con Man’s Lament (Habit OF Creation Records 2006)

   Don’t really sure whether if this Chamber-Pop/Mini Orchestra group named Edison Woods is actually, coming from Brooklyn, NY or living well in California but one thing for sure is the leader and mastermind above the band’s performance and works was formed by the female character found out inside Julia Frodahl as a performance artist, pianist and singer/song-writer.
As well as those additional musicians helping her doing the performance in many albums releases and so did pretty well on the magical and eerie and amazing musical towards Nest of Machines with David Berger (drums, guitar), Jason Dimatteo (bass) with Mike Bomwell and Johanna Cranitch as for Rubin Kodheli too.      Thus beautiful Letter to The Garden which capturing your imaginations about how amazing your backyard would becoming a whole new realm when the magic ticks and changes everything for the listeners to believing and see what the Edison Woods’ singers sees within or Baby Doll the courage wiser lyrical themed song that pray for every single fighting spirits among women to surviving the obstacles and smart for sailing these scary and uncertain lives where suddenly, disclosures of misfortunes comes uninvited just like the recording release on Nest Of Machines. 
   As the creature from the other side stumble from the swirling fog; you need to be braver for catching dreams and make things happened so that statement title like Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever or Queen or Galandrina wouldn’t only becomes a cinematic orchestral of Alternative artistic of string arrangements but a Swing Swan flying farther in wrapped melodies of romantic love or bad lucks. 

Be careful with your steps, child … 

Nest Of Machines: