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City Cerulean (Independent 2013)

   Rodney Brown written the materials for this project solo of the Chill-Wave/Synth-Pop/Americana Electronic or Alt-Folk beats as you might wish to calling them whatever you like. The expectations off this good slow/softer track-listed album mini from Wolf Collage may not suitable or planned to wrote down for NASA on Suburbia Space Program but like the ISS crew being well-aware to have so many different friends from many countries; so did the featured art designs, photographs and the music itself shall. Not disappointed or evolved to be too surprising a mind-blow, the experimental forming neat components together diverse sharp mixes toned supported by the chilling/eerie ideal themes or thoughts and atmosphere around the recording in comparable to the facts that Pop music never dies and human’s loving it.

Begin your test-pilot journey as an astronaut by press play, smiling to Snoopy, 4Chan and 1944 songs – before stepping out the forest of unknown …

Suburbia Space Program: