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Choppingmall (Razorback 2007)

   Grindcore metallic and Thrash Metal from Rotterdam – Netherlands; came easily to scarring your imaginations by the showdown values off their erupting scares and fearful music or themes commanding the succumbs and the gore tests to the initiative non-commercial marketing for any of your favorable horror characters or background story as the Fondlecorpse formed and the brutal first this Blood And Popcorn album laid shocking everyone whose listening to it on a loud soaring volume or just a hint whispering performed by Becky Day, Bill Greenwood, Rogga Johansson or Silvester Koorevaar – making this Dutch a great choice onto the collectible collections over your hunger for more extreme recordings in Heavy Metal realm scene.
   A genre which spawning tracks like Feral Mutant Attack, Halloween The Night He Came Home and Twice The Hate Twice The Carnage! never ever going to fail making sensations under the meaningful meaning of gore, bloody mutilations, decapitated and sexual harassments as well as the giant critter copulating or by torturous slaying of these women alive and already been corpses; manage to fulfilling the demands crossing the displays of guts, intestines, innards and female genitals being disemboweled out as for any necro-lovers and snuff-mania to laughing in menace !

Blood And Popcorn: