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Cheat Drop (Not On Label 2014)

   Oakland, CA’s peeping time for you trying not to puke during the filming of old couple’s French kissing happens.
Baus – the group that randomly, mixed their invisible experiments brain needs to eat too. The menus would be thus distortions, heavy moaning vocals and well-mannered behavior not acting like a Pop-artist with his humanity telling lies and spreading the magic dust within Idol Minds may opening your doors and windows – taking granted from the drunken one.
   Modern Man, UFO, GOT3, How Many Ppl, Cheat Sheets or Don’t Want It perhaps, can be a lesson in life to learn. So, when the puzzled couple starlet to do the lips intercourse again – don’t forget to give them the punchy Devil song to the old ears. 

Strange and weird by the same time listening …

Idol Minds: