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Cement Mercy (Bandcamp 2017)


Not a mocking jokes version of a non-related movie almost having the same similarity for the title of the recording materials from Londoner’s Klasey Jones with the mutated hybrid Club sounds as the drills grime and instrumental cloudy chances emerging from this elements measurements over the influential beats of experimental Ambient, Hip-Hop, Chillwave to Trap-Vaporwave fully across the EP.
Earning for heavy rotations between constant beats and keyboard plays to the other semi-mechanic or electric computed guitars, auto-tunes and many more noises mixing greatly conversed the five song for the list on Foreign Buyers Club; kinds of the soundtrack experiments of Soundcloud and legal independent works composed and written by oneself. As you can see how good the animations cover really even when before you trying to have a gambling moment on listening to it. 

Pick Gang Gang, Area 55 or Yoko & Ono and listen for the crucial spotlighting producers like Awe, Ganz, JD Reid and others helping to shape the record.

Foreign Buyers Club: