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Cellular Shifting (Independent 2014)

   Being influenced by the cruel extreme bands before them like driven Death Metal brutality of Disgorge, Guttural Secrete, etc approaching the experiments of skull crushing first album here – Pathogenesis where Sci-Fi and extra-terrestrial terror met beyond the Augsburg, Bavaria’s Germanic Death Metal brutal crew named Infecting The Swarm pulls the triggering heavy extreme gore-tortures music to your ears as the stereo shall blown out with it.
Pathogenesis seemed to be taking place far far away from our planet earth existence the advance races of creatures already being infected by the virus from outer-space and turning them onto the terrible horrifying monsters that no longer applying the advance and kind living transforming to beasty hunger for blood and destruction just bashing the fuck out of our world from this picturing chaos story planet through Exogenous Corruption, Aberrated Antibiosis; Contamination or Parasitic Mutation and Exponential Growth comes like a deathly level for that exo-planet touched by the doom of fate hands !