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Ceasefire Bread (Chrysalis/Big Star 1985)

   Andy Alston or Iain Harvie; Jon McLoughlin to Justin Currie, Kris Dollimore and some other more members that used to founded and forming this Scottish Rock Indie called The Groovey Tubes but always the last to be picked and then, known as Del Amitri since the eighty-three era and for that comprising point on themselves written, arranged and producing their first album of self-titled; right away.
Will you liking them quite instantly ? 
The answer would be – of course, you should and must be since that loving the music from Del Amitri. 
   The standard romance for Indie Rock and artworks which consisted parts of magic onto the a little bit messy conditions inside the interior place someone used to calling it home. 
Dark glasses isn’t the band’s real style but honesty might saving them from first to the last of their entire musical career as the tones seems to catching the essential rural and suburban parts atmosphere of small town Europe or Scotland and the lyrics sounded familiar for most of the audiences – talking about their own tales in life and the daily issues comes and go around us. 
   The rocking criticism and the wiser messages may correcting the mistakes as both Country and Folk-Pop inspirations follows the tracks of the recording such as Sticks and Stones Girl, Crows in The Wheatfield; Keepers, Former Owner and Hammering Heart onto Deceive Yourself – that shows the intentions of Del Amitri still closer to the Pop-Folk social but things would develop later as the band evolved.